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Mis Destination not working?

(Dave Burgess) #21

Like I said before, you have to set up your trunk and outbound routes so that you process the call the way your provider wants it. Get with them, ask them when you need a ‘1’ and when you don’t, and set up your route and trunk to match their guidance.

(Joseph Chrzempiec) #22

Yes i can call from any phone internally to outside on any number with no problem at all. We have Verizon fios here for internet and phone.

(Dave Burgess) #23

OK, so you know what you have to dial to make it work.

Set up the outbound route and trunk so that the call you make from the Misc Dest works the same way.

(Joseph Chrzempiec) #24

I did that is the problem i don’t know if the 7[01234]X in the others ones are stopping the mis destination or not? i did it the same way same problem. Okay let me ask this in the Mis Destination in the phone number do i put a 1267 follow by the number or just 267 follow by the area code?

(Joseph Chrzempiec) #25

I found my problem well it was two problems I needed a 1 in the outbound trunk and i needed to add a 1 follow by the area code and the phone number in the Misc Destination to get it to work. So even though i got the outbound trunk to work i was still getting that message. I put a 1 in the Misc Destination and that works

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