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Do you have any progress for this? I’m still not able to get to

(Matthew Fredrickson) #22

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Hey All,

Sorry about the difficulty everybody - I’m grateful that @jfinstrom has been doing a good job of keeping on top of what’s happening on the forums.

For background and clarity, there was a problem with a network switch that had to be worked around on the infrastructure side that impacted the mirror list server and a few other VMs. Sangoma IT has been busy working around the problem, and things look like they might be better. I just tried to yum update and it looks like things are working for me. Can anybody else confirm?

Matthew Fredrickson

(Douglas Hammond) #23

Working again thank you.


Yes, I can connect now. Thank you.

(Nicolas Martinez) #25

All working now! Thanks team.

(Mvogel4949) #26

Working great. Thank you!

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