Mirror server infrastructure


Many of you may have noticed that we have had some periodic downtime during our weekend FreePBX automatic module update load.

We have made a few upgrades over the past year or so to the components of that infrastructure with varying degrees of improvement, but as of this last weekend, we think we figured out where our principle bottleneck is in the current architecture and discovered how to alleviate it.

We tried a number of different things over the course of last friday night, and landed on a set of changes/improvements that we think will move us in a better direction (particularly with those of you using the legacy mirror infrastructure, mirror1.freepbx.org, as that was where we were seeing the most challenges).

Over the coming weekends, I would hope that we’ll be seeing less and less reachability problems with mirror1 (particularly when dealing with the weekend update flood). There are a few things that we are still tweaking, but I think that we landed in a spot last weekend where we should see some strong lasting improvements (fingers crossed, of course).

Best wishes to you all,
Matthew Fredrickson


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