Mirgrating a Trunk from chan_sip to pjsip

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I’m trying to migrate a SIP trunk to PJSIP and I’m having trouble getting incoming calls to work. On the legacy CHAN_SIP trunk there is an Incoming tab and I have a register string and a user context configured. The user context is the phone number I got from my provider and it makes the trunk appear as [XXXXXXX] in the sip.conf.

The PJSIP trunk doesn’t seem to have these options. What is the equivalent of these two settings in PJSIP?

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For registration:

You might need to put your phone number into the Contact User field in the Advanced tab.

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Also ports.

If you have both channel drivers enabled, my money is on your SIP provider still sending in on 5060 and you have PJSIP on 5160.

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He’s registering.

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seen more than one example of a provider doing it wrong

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That was it! Turns out the legacy sip provider was also running. Thanks very much!

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