Minor Time Zone Issue

Just noticed…

System Admin > Time Zone.
PBX Firmware:
PBX Service Pack:

System timezone is set to Phoenix. Time Zone in System Admin > Time Zone setting is Denver. Sort of stuck there!

I cannot change setting to America > Phoenix.

SO far, nice all in one distro! No problems on installing on test machine more to maybe to come.


Ok I will wait for access into the system and we will figure it out.

So what happens when you try to change the timezone from sysadmin?

Also did you do anything special with regards to time zones when you installed your system.

Lastly if you could PM me SSH access to your box so I can try and figure out what is going on that would be great.


I do know that TZDB in CentOS is messed up for Arizona which doesn’t follow the DST rules.

While exploring the GUI a bit further, I saw the time displayed under Time Groups. This time is always one hour ahead of my system and hardware time. So I have to set the time one hour behind. I must do this no matter what TZ I set. Common issue until DST kicks in (or out, depending upon how you see it).

(Edit) To answer one of your questions, on install I set the TZ as Phoenix. and

[quote]So what happens when you try to change the timezone from sysadmin?[/quote] That is the main problem. Stays at “Denver”

This test system is at work and is a bit problematic to open ports etc. But I can hang it a bit further on the outside. Time today will be an issue.