Minitar MVA11A as SIP trunk to PSTN network

Hey people,

Newbie here. New to the forum and sorta new to FreePBX.

I’ve been toying with a solution for my home setup. I have a Minitar MVA11A sip ATA. What I’d like to be able to do is connect the Minitar to my PSTN home landline and to my network where I have a FreePBX machine.

And then configure FreePBX to use the Minitar as a trunk to the PSTN network so that calls to local numbers or calls to mobile phones are routed via the Minitar to the PSTN network.

I have been able to get the Minitar ATA to route inbound calls to my PSTN line to my FreePBX machine and I can answer the call on my VOIP phone. But now i’d like to also be able to dial-out from my voip phone to the PSTN network.

Is this even possible or am I expecting too much from the Minitar?

Thanks in advance people.