MiniHTTP HTTP Prefix 0 - day after day

We just had 2 days in a row where the MiniHTTP Prefix reverted to be 0, even though we manually set it to be empty - twice.

  1. It’s a bug that it doesn’t accept our choice to keep the prefix empty.
  2. We don’t understand what can trigger this to happen on 7 different servers more or less at the same time day after day

I ditto this, just had this happen two days in a row with a customer of ours.

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If you are certain that you’ve found a bug, this is the place to report it:

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I’m not sure yet, first trying to understand what can cause this.

Why would such a thing happen a few hours apart on multiple servers - even though I thought I disabled all automated updates?

Also curious if this prefix change is intentional

It just happened again this morning, only on 3 out of 7 machines this time

I just had the same issue on 2 of our servers.
I didn’t see anything in the logs as they rotated during this “incident”

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Can confirm I had this happen again as well. It seems that there is an issue.

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