Migration/upgrade advices

Hi all,

First, i will introduce me, i am a system engineer, specialised in M$ environnment, i am new in freepbx/trixbox/lamp environnment and my mother langage is french [i know…feel like i already lost some pts]. I have a beginner class skills in these technology, but i always try searching and documenting first. I have not a high view of myself and i never lookdown on other people…but everyone can make mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

So My plan are simple, cripple all my family and friend with * box and avoid all telephony providers, i already set up some trixbox 1.0 then 1.2.3 and finaly 2.0. I have get some try on others version but without success.

I have been looking for FreePBX update, and awaited 2.3 to be released, reading news after news about it.Now i’m aclose to launch an upgrade…but im still hesitating:

I have 3 box, two with Trixbox 2.0 and freepbx 2.2.1 and one with 2.2.0.

While testing i had found that upgrading has cleared my sip.conf and other configuration file. While reading i have nderstood that for the new version configuration files’s role has been changed.

I’am wanted to avoid the land of the dragons. (one of my box is at home… [2.2.1] the second is at my mother house [2.2.1] and the last is at my wife’s mother and father house [HERE BE DRAGONS…2.2.0] for the last one i cannot failled, try a an unsuccessfull upgrade or something else…i only have onetime try (+_+).

i have read the upgrade process, and successfully upgraded my 2 fisrt box following WARD’s article… but im still feeling some fear to cross the limit and homogenize all my box to 2.3, i have heard that this version work different about configuration file and that backup are useless…and that only reinstall is the solution.

If you have advice you are welcome!

Cheer, liku


Sounds like you have heard a lot of wrong things. However, Trixbox has been know to break a lot of stuff and create a lot of problems. If you stay withing the guidelines of FreePBX which is to never edit the main files, stick to the _custom.conf type files or other obvious ones that are designed for you to edit, then you should be fine. And use the proper FreePBX upgrade process.

There have been thousands of upgrades that we have observed and if things were that bad, you would see a lot of noise. But like I said - Trixbox often seems to try and do their own thing and break stuff for some reason.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http//freepbx.org - IRC #freepbx

Thank you for the advice, by the main files, you mean the above mentionned files?
After reading your reply, i have upgraded…successfuly the two first box to 2.3…right after the upgrade i rushed the web interface to update all module, i was really amazed by the change [at first i tough about a clean relooking] the team has made.

So the sip.conf zapata.conf vm_general.cin vm_email.inc have been reset, but this wasnt a real issue because i already have backuped them.

Since then i am digging a little more in…[as i type im still on it… almost 10 hours now] it seem to me like 2.3 is very interresting…

sorry if im a bit emotionnal…but since i upgraded… i started to learn a little more…then i found something…then again a little more…

maybe i betther focuse to watch on adn then come back to post

cheer liku

hmm - we should not be overwriting the vm_email.inc and vm_general.inc files (I don’t think). It may be that framework is and should not - can you file a bug against that so we can take a look. As far as zapata.conf, can you double check that? We only provide zapata.conf.sample. We don’t provide a zapapta.conf file so I’m not sure how we can be overwriting it unless there is something hidden in the code somewhere that is copying the sample…

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http//freepbx.org - IRC #freepbx

double checking–>
vm_email.inc is back to the default settings as well as the others files i’m used to customize:

but in the other hand, sip_nat.conf hasnt been modifyed.

a little side note:
for sip.conf, zapata.conf, i usually edit them via
for the vm files i go through winscp.

but this isnt new, for me this has gone this way for all the upgrade i have ever made since trix 1.1

mainly, i burn the iso, install , and then as the networking as been set, i go for the freepbx upgrade.

Maybe i’m not doing the thing right, maybe editing these file trough winscp or config edit isnt the good way. As i have understood, the configuration is stored in a DB and the conf file are generated from this DB ?

But if that the case, when i modify these file, they must be reset at each reboot, right?

for the bug report, i will search it on the website, if quicly found ill fill it tonight, if not i’ll get some sleep, i really got thrilled by 2.3 but i must stop and keep some for tomorrow =)

Cheer s

Hi, can you warn loudly about the conf files?
i upgraded my box to latest framework… and then… it still clear the conf files…