Migration questions from 1.814.210.58-2 to 4.211.64-5

We are currently running on 1.814.210.58-2 which is EOL. Our setup has some customizations done to it that I don’t expect to come over with the backup and restore module, however I did want to ask some questions. We are currently running on a HA backup server to test that functionality and allow us to upgrade the primary.

  1. Are there any known issues with the backup and restore modules from our current version to the new one? I had SSH backups setup and working and was pulling more than the default settings. Should there be any issues jumping versions like this?

  2. Will it bring over the CDR database and recordings? I read in the past there being some issues with this?

  3. I am planning on going from Asterisk 1.8 to 11, is this a good/bad idea? I looked at the brief section of the release notes. We are also using QueueMetrics (on another server) that is compatible with Asterisk 11.

  4. Anything I should be aware of that I might not think about? I just installed to a VM to look around, from the GUI side it looks pretty similar.