Migration question

Just wanted to confirm the process that I have been following before I kick it all off. I have made a backup of my system using the backup and recovery module. I have also downloaded that backup. The new server has been installed (not activated) and has been updated to match the old server in terms of OS, FreePBX, Asterisk, and Modules revision levels.

I am assuming that the next setup would be to import the backup in to the new system. Deactivate the old one and activate the deployment id of the old onto the new server.

Do any files need to be manually copied over such as recordings or voicemails that might reside on each extension?

The last thing I know I will need to update is the ip address of the server to replace the old one.

sounds good , you didnt mention versions … you dont need to have the same asterisk and freepbx versions unless you want to… a restore to the latest 16 from freepbx 13+ is possible and works well

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