Migration paths

I am looking at upgrading from 1.817 to 5.211 distro in one jump. I understand that there is no direct upgrade path and that I will need to run a complete fresh install and restore config from the old system. However on my first test after running the restore I received an error “found language dir fr for directory” along with “freepbx restore error selecting from fax”. All of my extensions, queues and CDR data were restored but I was unable to apply the changes as the error threw up whenever I clicked apply.

I had ran the fresh install using Asterisk 11 rather than 1.8, is this likely to have caused the error? Or should I be installing 2.210, restoring and then finally upgrading to the latest version?

Any pointers greatly appreciated.


I upgraded to 2.210.62-6 and was able to restore the data successfully. NOw just need to upgrade this version…