Migration path from OSS Endpoint Manager to Commercial Endpoint Manager?


I have been using OSS Endpoint Manager ver. to manage Aastra and Snom phones, and would like to move to the Commercial Endpoint Manager. This is with FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-9.

What is the recommended migration path from one to the other? Are the current extension to phone handset mappings, or other settings like my phone templates, importable or otherwise picked up by Commercial Endpoint Manager?

Thanks for any information on the steps required to go from OSS Endpoint Manager to Commercial Endpoint Manager.

Tim Miller Dyck

There is no migration path and nothing is importable.

Thanks. I want to avoid file collisions in /tftpboot or otherwise accidentally having OSS Endpoint Manager do anything to affect Commercial Endpoint Manager, so should I unassign all phones in OSS Endpoint Manager, deactivate it, and then set things up from scratch in Commercial Endpoint Manager?

I’ve heard that a good way to move from OSS EPM to the commercial EPM is as follows:

  1. Record the button programming on your templates (potentially a big job)
  2. copy the contents of /tftpboot to a safe location
  3. Uninstall OSS EPM
  4. Install Commercial EPMM
  5. Enter the button info into EPM for your templates (the info the recorded in step 1)

Hopefully one of the gurus at Schmooze will confirm that this would be the best way to move to the commercial EPM? Are there any other potential gotchas we need to think about or be aware of?

Step 2a. should be to delete the contents of /tftpboot after they have been saved to a safe location

Yes that would be the best way.