Migration Path from 2.9 to 2.10

What would be the best (easiest) method to migrate from one PBX to another?
We have a VM Running the FreePBX Distro, on FreePBX and would like to migrate it to a different VM running the latest 2.10 x86 distro.

Would the process be as simple as a Backup then Restore on the new box?
Or is there more to it than that?


You need to update the old box to 2.10, take a backup then install 2.10 on the new box.

That simple.

What skyking is saying is that you can’t take a 2.9 backup and load it on a 2.10 system.

You can

  1. Upgrade the 2.9 system to 2.10, backup it up and them move the backup to the new 2.10 vm

  2. Clone the 2.9 system on one VM to another VM and then upgrade the second VM to 2.10

  3. Create another VM, load FreePBX 2.9 distro, copy over the backup, upgrade to 2.10

Great! Thanks so much!