Migration from very old AsteriskNOW VM

At the current job I’m at they have a very old AsteriskNOW virtual machine. It is running Core. I’ve attempted backup and restore to the newest FreePBX Distro with no luck. I have also tried the conversion tool.

The conversion tool tells me that /etc/freepbx.conf is not found and then errors dies on the old VM.

Hoping for some advice on how to migrate to the newer supported FreePBX Distro. The old VM is only used for voicemail and IVR.


2.8 is too old for anything to convert from. You would need to update to at least 2.9 for the conversion tool to even work. How you do that on that old AsteriskNOW version, I’m not sure.

Been a very long time for me since I’ve worked with FreePBX but I think I vaguely remember. Thanks for heads up.

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