Migration from 10.13.66-18 to 12.7.3-1707-2.sng7 not working

Hello eveyone,

I installed the latest distro SNG7 64Bit and I want like to do a restore from our current system
FreePBX-Distro-10.13.66-18 / 64Bit to SNG7.

I read that someone did this and had some troubles. So a restore between major versions is not working

and I should do a migration:


I followed the instructions but I getting on your current FreePBX server (donor system) follow error message on the end:

[[email protected] ~]# curl -s https://convert.freepbx.org | bash
Checking that 'curl' exists ... OK!
Validating sha256 integrity ... OK!
Trying to download converter to /tmp/tmp.zFcCDLM6rP ... Complete!
Validating download ... OK!
Starting FreePBX Converter version release/20151217r1-12-g6f5db4b
Testing connectivity to Conversion server...Success!

FreePBX Conversion Wizard

The FreePBX Conversion Wizard needs to be run on two machines, firstly on the
NEW machine, which must be an ACTIVATED FreePBX Distro machine, and then it
must be run on the DONOR machine.
The DONOR machine is the machine that is currently processing calls, and is
the machine that will be migrated to the NEW machine. No changes will be made
to the DONOR machine, and this script will not stop or restart any services
that may cause an outage.
If this is the NEW machine, just push 'Enter' to prepare this machine

Enter Conversion ID (leave blank if this is NEW): 4f024dcc-3245-4022-8283-50cd6d5d6f96
Testing FreePBX functionality ... Success!
Checking Slot ID ... OK!
Getting modules to convert ... Complete! 106 modules
Dumping astdb ... Complete!
Do you want to copy /tftpboot to the new machine [Ny]? y
Creating encrypted backup for new machine. This may take some time.
Backing up the following:
983M    /var/spool/asterisk
51M     /var/lib/asterisk/moh
4.0K    /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom
330M    /tftpboot
Sending backup details to new machine ... Complete!
Skipping module accountcodepreserve (Nothing to convert)
        Module announcement ... announcement
        Module areminder ... areminder areminder_calls areminder_settings areminder_updates
        Module arimanager ... arimanager
Skipping module asterisk-cli (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module asteriskinfo (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module backup (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module blacklist (Nothing to convert)
        Module broadcast ... broadcast_campaigns broadcast_campaign_groups broadcast_settings broadcast_groups broadcast_callees broadcast_log
Skipping module builtin (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module bulkhandler (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module calendar (Nothing to convert)
        Module callback ... callback
        Module callerid ... callerid_entries
Skipping module callforward (Nothing to convert)
        Module calllimit ... calllimit calllimit_usage
        Module callrecording ... callrecording callrecording_module
Skipping module callwaiting (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module campon (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module cdr (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module cel (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module certman (Nothing to convert)
        Module cidlookup ... cidlookup cidlookup_incoming
        Module conferences ... meetme
Skipping module conferencespro (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module configedit (Nothing to convert)
        Module contactmanager ... contactmanager_groups contactmanager_group_entries contactmanager_entry_numbers contactmanager_entry_images contactmanager_entry_userman_imagesERROR
Unable to continue.
Cleaning up...Done!
[[email protected] ~]#

Afterwards the test system showing up this message:

[/] Donor now sending module 'contactmanager', table 'contactmanager_entry_images' ...

After a whole night its still on this state.

I did some research, but I haven’t found an answer. Maybe some of you can help me with this error:

contactmanager_entry_images contactmanager_entry_userman_imagesERROR

Kind regards


donor system (current system): FreePBX-Distro 13: 10.13.66-18
new test system: FreePBX-Distro SNG7-FPBX-64bit - 12.7.3-1707-2.sng7

That conversion script seems to be for very old versions moving to a current distro ie 10.13.66. It doesn’t seem to work for 13 -> 14. I tested it several months ago and found a number of bugs. One of the bugs was that the script fails if you have any images assigned to contact. This is what you have found. A work around involves removing all of the images assigned to contacts. However, there are a number of other serious issues with that script eg EPM settings are not transferred, your channels are set to Chan_SIP regardless of what you had them set to before, etc.

There is supposed to be a conversions script to take Distro 10 to Distro 12. That should be released very soon according to the FreePBX team.

We will be releasing a in place upgrade any day now. Just fixed the last bugs on it and doing one more round of QA. Just hold tight please a few days.

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Any news on this, I am getting this error as well using the conversion tool. I have checked Contact Manager and no one has profile images set.