Migration FreePBX to PBXact

Greetings all,

We are currently running FreePBX and Yealink templates through the End Point Manger. We really like the result of using the EPM. However the hardware we are using is repurposed and we have had a few issues with how open the interface is (too complicated for some). So the thrust at this point is to move to Switchvox. While being not completely opposed to the idea, I do want to through the PBXact hat into the ring.

So here is the question, will the Yealinks still be able to be provisioned through the version of EPM in PBXact like they are currently through FreePBX, These phones are NOT able to be provisioned through Switchvox, connect via SIP but not auto-provisioned.

Second question: I have seen some mention that the configuration could be migrated from FreePBX to PBXact, yes?


Yes you can use Yealink with PBXact. You just have to buy our 3rd party phone add on package and it exposes EPM and Phone apps for yealink phones.

As far as conversion we only offer that if you are on our hardware already. But support can assist with the migration and its something they do often.

Great news. Thanks!!

Would you like someone from sales reach out to you? If so PM your info.