Migrating voicemail & recorded calls from old freepbx to new?


the machine I am currently using as a PBX is dying. I would like to take this opportunity to install FreePBX on a new machine, so I get better hardware & a newer version of FreePBX.

The machine I am using has pbxinaflash on it, from January 2012, with FreePBX

I would like to transfer the following

a) Every voicemail for each extension.

b) Every recorded phone call for each extension.

Also, should I install the FreePBX distribution or the pbxinaflash one? I am confused as to why I even installed pbxinaflash over the straight up FreePBX distribution two years ago. I am curious if either is known for any inherent strengths or weaknesses that I should incorporate into my decision making process.

Thank you!!

it’s all in /var/spool/asterisk including synlinks, so:-

rsync -av ip.of.old.server:/var/spool/asterisk /var/spool/;amportal chown

passwords etc. are in old.box:/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf but best to make sure the new box matches the old box as far as extension name/passwords.

should work nicely.

The last bit is sort of religious, opinions in all directions there.