Migrating to Cloud FreePBX from On Site Server


I am thinking about moving my FreePBX installation to the cloud - I have a couple of questions.
I have a small business that runs smoothly with a Windows Server Domain. We have around forty to forty five devices connected at any given time (eight of those are Sangoma Phones). We are using SIPStation for our phone service. The phone quality is excellent and the internet performance is adequate (we only need the internet for SIP, and looking up answers to questions). The maximum internet speed is 60/5 mpbs. We are running Ubiquiti Network Eqiupment.

I want to move to the cloud because it has been suggested on other posts on the forum. I consistently have trouble with SangomaConnect registration. It is about 50% reliable with no changes to the network firewall or the FreePBX box. We also suffer from intermittent long term power outages.

  1. Does my WAN connection have enough bandwidth to handle all of my office phones - or should I buy more?
  2. What happens when our internet service is interrupted? Does the phone just ring and ring, or can I set the cloud server to forward to a cell phone if our office phones are not detected?
  3. Is there an in-between? Something that would allow us to operate our phone to phone service on our Ethernet and connect to the cloud server only when we work with outside calls?

In any case, I am looking forward to the discussion - wherever it leads. More information is available if you need.


  1. Bandwidth doesn’t depend on how many devices you have but on the peak simultaneous internal and external calls that happen in your environment. If you are not going to lose a ton of money if call quality drops for a short period of time then I would leave the internet connection alone until you’ve migrated and only upgrade if you find that you need more bandwidth in production. If a drop in call quality is going to cost you more then an upgrade in bandwidth then by all means upgrade before you migrate.

  2. If internet services are interrupted for the site where your endpoints are located then calls would still reach your cloud hosted PBX. You’ll want to configure your dial plan according to what you want to happen if the phone system is unable to reach any extensions.

  3. It doesn’t sound like your environment warrants the complexity that this would introduce.

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