Migrating to a new server

I am planning on migrating my physical machine to a virtual. What is the best procedure for this

Personally I have the best experience with installing the virtual machine and moving all settings by hand. Since it’s all controllable via a web interface, just use 2 tabs in your browser.

This all depends of course on the amount of specific settings you have, but could be a big task.

not a lot of settings it is just a home testing lab. 5 extensions 2 trunnks and outbound route

Backup and Restore. Create a backup on the current system and restore it on the new running ver 15. FreePBX 15 is the first version that allow restoring from legacy backups. Ensure you do all module updates before the restore, the current ISO has old versions of most modules.

If you don’t want to move to 15 yet, you can restore to the new system running an identical version.

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