Migrating settings to a new server -- how?

I need some migration advice please.

I have an installation that I upgraded to, it is more-or-less up to date but some features are broken - for example I had a failed upgrade to FOP2 and managed to revert to FOP1; my Module admin screen is currently unable to check for updates, as is Yum. The bottom line is that I’ve lost confidence in the installation and I’d rather just start again. We could also do with replacing the server with something a bit newer, so what I’d like to do is build a clean new server with the latest distro and migrate settings across.

What’s the best approach?

Is it possible to take a backup and restore that on a new server, even though the versions might be slightly different, or is the backup hyper-sensitive to the distro version?

Tim Long

Backups are version dependent.

Hi guys & gal’s,

I have an existing Asterisk setup running in a VM, based on the FreePBX distro. Obviously a VM is not the ideal setup, but it was enough to get me going & to kick some tyres.

I now got myself a bunch of Raspberry Pi’s & plan on moving my existing setup over to a dedicated device, based on Incredible Pi (a PiaF spin) - the image stack is based on Debian 6, Asterisk 1.8, and FreePBX 2.10.

My existing Asterisk/FreePXB setup is functional, but the GUI is all screwy.
Also, not all Asterisk/FreePBX-based releases come equipped with the backup/recovery modules.

Are there any tools that can aide in backing a backup of all the relevant data - configs & db - in CLI, and allow me to reload it all correctly in the remote end? Maybe a CLI-version of the Backup & Restore module?

In the mean time, what do I need to extract from my old host & bring across to my new once to have a fully-functional PBX again?