Migrating - Professionally confused


Since I did not want to render my FreePBX instance unusable when migrating it to new hardware for the second time, I requested support to reset my number hardware licenses from 1 back to 2. I did not want to end up having to move back to its current hardware without a sufficient number of hardware licenses available. Especially because I think Sangoma Support won’t be available over the weekend.

Dinesh tried to help me out by performing some action that left me without any remaining hardware license at all (??). Although I should have made a screen shot to show him, Dinesh keeps denying that there was 1 remaining hardware license to begin with. But trust me, there was.

My question now is; I have a couple of commercial modules I want to be able to move to new hardware as well. Will I be able to do so without any remaining hardware license? Will I be able to move back if I need to when some issue arises along the way. Dinesh has not been able to give me the level of confidence I need to start the job.


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While I am not answering your question, I wanted to comment that these kinds of issues with Sangoma support are getting me really worried.

More and more I am getting motivated to write my own provisioning application to avoid needing PBXact at all. I want to support open source but I am finding Sangoma making it harder and harder to stay motivated.

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Hi @hvledder Every time you change the hardware , you need to reset the hardware lock. By default every user gets 2 to reset by themselves and after that support team can help to do the reset.

If you do not have hardware reset count which you can either check from Freepbx UI → Sysadmin → Activation or via portal then you will have to ask support team to help you out with the reset.

Refer to below wiki for more information. https://sangomakb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SP/pages/27328901/How+to+Move+a+PBX+Deployment+to+a+New+PBX

Hi Kapil,

I am fully aware of how these hardware licenses work, however, you’re missing the point. I started with 1 hardware licenses contacting support to get 2 again. Instead Dinesh managed to leave me without any hardware license. Zero. My question is; can I move this instance to different hardware without loosing it’s availability and its commercial modules. I did not get a clear answer to that question from support.

If I am not able to get this question answered, I will be installing an entirely new instance and won’t purchase any commercial modules anymore.

– Hans

Hi Tony,

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed myself. Please notify me when you’re done writing such an application :slight_smile:

– Hans

“can I move this instance to different hardware without loosing it’s availability and its commercial modules.”

Yes you can move and call support to again unlock your hardware license as you have already exhausted your limit.

Hi Kapil,

Do I need to contact support right before or right after moving hardware? Dinesh did something that exhausted the single hardware license I had left before, but I am not sure in what state he left me in with respect to unlocking.

– Hans

Hi @hvledder Please ask for hardware unlock before activating the new system. Also , its recommended to activate the system first before you start the restore process to ensure all the licensed commercial modules data is getting restored properly.


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