Migrating from TrixBox CE 2.6 and running parallel

I’m finally giving up my TrixBox CE with 20 SNOM phones, 4 incoming lines from 2 providers. I would like to get FreePBX up and running side-by-side with my Trixbox.
Hopefully I can set it up so some phones are connected to the Freepbx while testing while the rest operate normally on the Trixbox.

Trixbox has ports 5060 and 100000-20000 which get redirected to the Trixbox machine – I suppose I’d have to assign other ports to FreePBX.

In any case, anyone have any guideance for me? Am I looking for trouble? Anything I need to watch for?

are your phones remote?
are you using unmanged sip trunks?
are your trunks using IP or user/password authentication
what kind of firewall & router do you have

Thanks for offering to help. Here are the deails you asked for.

Most of my phones are internal – but I have a few remotes.

Not sure what “unmanaged sip trucks” are, but I have one account with Voicepulse.com and an account with Vitelity.com, each with about 10 numbers which all come into my current Trixbox.

I believe I use IP. I have a static IP that the two companies send the calls to. Does this help?

I use a pfsense 2.0 firewall.

If it was necessary (or advisable) I would get a second IP and set this up on an entirely different system. If there’s an easy way to handle both systems runing in parallel, I’d prefer that so I can get the Freepbx up and running with a phone phones to test things out before I start.

an unmanaged sip trunk is what you have. It means that the connection between your pbx and the ITSP (voicepulse & VItelity) is unmanaged (i.e. using the internet)

here are a couple of things i might suggest

  1. get a second ip address and use it for the freepbx testing. it will make your life much easier in configuring and debugging.
  2. if your vitelity and voicepulse accounts are standard retail accounts and both are being used to deliver inbound and outbound production traffic, then i think you need to set up an additional account with one of those providers for testing. all you need is one number and the trunk and then configure that trunk in freepbx.
  3. if you can’t remove any phone from the trixbox system for testing with freepbx, just manually configure a second account on the snom phone that registers with freepbx.