Migrating from FreePBX distro to RasPBX questions

Hi, everyone,

I set FreePBX up as a virtual machine and am migrating it over to a raspberry pi 3B. From my understanding, I have to use RasPBX and then finish the setup with that. But, I have some questions. Right now, I have 3 extensions set up along with two trunks and an inbound/outbound route (one of each), so it’s a small setup.

First question… If I want to use the Backup/Restore feature to save my configurations, what all do I need to specify for directories? One website I found was specific to that company’s products and had “Full System Backup” as an option (but I don’t see that in FreePBX). I have 93 modules and the ASTETCDIR directory by default. So, what else do I need to backup?

Second question… From my understanding, FreePBX Distro doesn’t have a default password set for MySQL, but RasPBX does. What conflicts will that cause, if any?

Third question… Is this simply a case of Backup the FreePBX configurations and restore them to the RasPBX, or will there be a lot of additional steps involved?
Finally… Any other things that I’m missing will be greatly appreciated.

I realize that with how small my setup is, I could just recreate it by hand. But, with the outbound and inbound calling routes and other configurations, I’d rather not spend another 6 hours doing it, if I don’t have to.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Need FreePBX version numbers for each system.

That you have 93 modules suggest you have some commercial modules installed, these won’t work on your raspberry.

I’ll reply to both of you…

On the VM, FreePBX is Asterisk 16.17.0 and FreePBX On the RasPBX, it’s Asterisk and FreePBX I’m in the process of doing the upgrade on the RasPBX, so it will most likely be the same on both when it’s completed.

Yes, there are commercial modules installed on the FreePBX Distro (they installed by default). I’m not using any of them that I know of, so I’m assuming I should exclude them from the backup? What about directories that I should include/exclude?

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Both are on 15, you just need to make a backup on one and restore it on the other. I should not be any more complex than that.

Will the fact that the FreePBX Distro includes the commercial modules and the RasPBX doesn’t cause the restore to fail with a broken system? If so, is there an easy way to remove the commercial modules from the backup (I ask that, since in the modules list in the backup, it doesn’t show whether they are commercial or not).

Thanks. :slight_smile:

From the GUI, admin-> module admin you will see the licenses for each module, the firewall will say it is open source, but it depends on sysadmin which is not, I would delete all commercial modules and firewall to be safe.

My experience is it should work on a PI after that but there might be problems with the version of nodejs and npm installed on the PI.

As to the mysql root password, Last time I tried it, I had to reluctantly remove that restriction temporarily but it’s been a while.

How about you just ‘suck it and see’ ? . Worst thing is you would have to do it over.

I do have an update. After running the update in the RasPBX FreePBX Admin site, I have the commercial modules repository as well. So, I’m assuming (yes, I know about assuming) that everything should be the same. Unless the update included things that absolutely won’t work on the RasPBX system, which would be a bug at the very least.

Thanks again everyone. :slight_smile:

That’s pretty much the plan (suck it and see). I’m hoping that after I get all of the installs and updates done, everything will be the same. If not, I’ll deal with whatever doesn’t come through.

Have a great night. :slight_smile:

remove the commercial repo as a source, it can but only get in the way of any non ‘Sangoma OS’ when you ‘upgrade’

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