Migrating from FreePBX 2.2.1 to

Hi, is there a way for me to import all the extensions from a FreePBX 2.2.1 installation to a These are on different machines. I read that i can create a csv file an write copy and paste all the info from the extensions, but i’m talking about 200 extensions. Any help on how to achieve this would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advanced for any help i may get. Thanks!

it may not be what you are looking for, but you can update the 2.2.1 system to, then do a backup of the system and restore that backup on the new system.

Or, you can install 2.2.1 on the new system, do a backup from the old system to the new one and then do the upgrade on the new system.

Or, you can create a vmware image installing 2.2.1 on it. Then do as above but restoring on the vmware and then upgrading it, backing up and then restoring that to the new system.