Migrating End Point templates to new deployment/server?

I’ve migrated my EndPoint license from my old server to my new one, but how do I transfer the templates & config files? I know I can use the Bulk Handler to export the endpoints, but that doesn’t have the templates, etc…

Go into each template, you can export it there.
Same with extension mapping.

On the new server, import the templates first and then extension mapping.

Once imported rebuild everything starting from the templates

Are the old and the new the same FreePBX version? If so, you can just back and restore the old system to the new system. If they are not the same FreePBX version then what @PitzKey said has to happen.

Thanks for the reply’s. Ya I’m moving fro 13 to 14.
Also, unfortunately I already moved my deployment ID from the old server to the new one, so when I go to the old server’s EndPoint manger it says I need to buy it again. ;-(
Can I copy the files from the command line?
I’d move the deployment ID back to the old server, but it says I only have 1 transfer left.

Never mind, I got it to work by re-activating the old server.

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