Migrating Commercial Endpoint Manager from v2.11 to v15

I recently migrated from v2.11 to v15 using the online converter. Afterwards I moved my deployment ID. None of the endpoint manager settings converted after the license activated.

I attempted to restore from a v2.11 backup but the backup module doesn’t find any version info in the v2.11 backup file.

I’m looking or suggestions on restoring the Endpoint module configuration, especially the custom templates.

Hi @Mike_S Before restoring please ensure that your system has proper endpoint manager license as restore process looks for active license.

Thanks Kapil. It does.

I can’t restore anything from the v2.11 to v15. The restore module display a message that it can’t find any version info in the v2.11 backup file.

Yes 2_11 is really old but i would be interested to find root cause. As you are using commercial module so could you please raise commercial module support ticket and provide your backup so we can try to reproduce issue in-house to dig further.


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