Migrate to New Disk Drive

I figured that I would find a thread on this topic, but was unable. I am running FreePBX 10.13.66-22, and I would like to accomplish two things:

1.) Add additional disk capacity.
2.) Upgrade to the most recent SNG7 distro version.

To this end, I would like to copy all of the existing data to the new disk, keep the old disk as a backup, then upgrade the system now running on the new disk. If anything goes wrong with the upgrade, I can just boot off of the old disks and be back in business.

Normally I would power the system down and use an imaging tool like Acronis to copy the old disk to the new disk, but I thought to myself “Wasn’t LVM supposed to make this easier?” For this reason, I thought I would ask if folks here have thoughts on how best to do this.

Presumedly, if I use an imaging program to copy the existing partitions to a larger disk, I can then use the LVM tools to make the existing LVs larger?

Many thanks,


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