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I would like to migrate my Pika Warp FreePBX to a new ASUS Mini ITX unit I have put together. I like the Pika unit but find it is slow (the OS runs from a SDCARD)… I have all my settings on the Pika, and apart from its lack of speed, it is working fine. I have upgraded the Pika to the latest FreePBX so it matches the version on the ASUS Mini ITX (which I prepared with the 64 bit Distro).

Now, what I want to backup are my SIP/DAHDI/IAX lines, extensions routes, dial plans and ring groups. (I dont need my audio files - I loaded the English voice prompts on the ASUS which I purchased already and have no voicemails I would like to keep) so the new ASUS unit takes on the settings of the Pika. The DAHDI with the ASUS uses a PCI card with 2xFXO and 2xFXS. The Pika uses bespoke FXO-FXS cards/DAHDI driver so I dont want to copy these drivers over, just the settings. I have mae sure that I am not using any FXO/FXS ports of the Pika that I have not got ready on the ASUS.

Can anyone give me some direction with the backup module? I dont mind if I can get the basic settings over, I can then tweak the rest. I want to keep the new ASUS unit as free of clutter as I can, it runs like greased lightening which I would like to keep so…

Many thanks in advance. FreePBX is superb, its a bit of a learning curve but well worth the effort once you get your head around all the terminology…


I would skip using the backup and restore module and just export what you need out of the DB with mysqldump.


Cheers for such a fast reply.

I have a big thick book on Freepbx and Centos - both of which I am a quarter way through. Linux and ssh can be quite daunting at first, but I am getting there slowly… I have not read anything on sqldump as yet so if you can give me any pointers it would be much appreciated…

Take care


Have you worked with SQL on any platform?


I skipped through the book and picked up the SQL section, a couple of trial runs later, and would you believe, I managed to sort it all. The new system works so fast (I specced it with dual core proc. and SSD HD - 16BG main mem) FreePBX via the web interfcae is a pleasure to use - very fast. Note I had some audio issues too with the Pika Warp (which I put down to a slow SDCARD main HD drive setup), all of which are no more, so a happy chap.

Cheers for your help - the lastest distro is superb, very clean and much more logical in its layout…

Dan :wink:

Glad I got you pointed in the right direction.