Migrate from Asterisk Now distro to FreePBX distro

Hi all,

I currently run an asterisk now pbx with free pbx, fine.
Along the way I upgraded asterisk to 1.8.6 and free pbx to 2.9.
I now have to change the pc that runs it because the old one is gettings unstable.
I cannot go for a mirror copy of the old machine beacause the CPU and hardware is too different.
Instead of installing the quite old package that comes with Asterisk Now I decided to install the Freepbx package, so that I wouldn’t have to go through the process of upgrading all modules.
I created a backup of the old Asterisk with the FreePBX backup and restore.
Copied it into the new server… I restored it… then the issues started.
The portal could not reconect to asterisk.
First I had to restore the Asterisk Manager default password and the CDR SQL user and password to the one of the old server.
Then AMP worked, but none of the settings seems to have been imported, extensions are not there, CDR is empty…
Is there an easier way to do what I am trying to do ?
Should I give up using you last distro, which is greatly packaged by the way ? and go the complicate way of installing ASteriskNow manually adding all the missing parts in this distro ?

Thanks for you help !


I’ve found that the backup and restore module may not work reliably when moving from one distro to another. In my case, it was from AsteriskNOW to PBX In A Flash. It sounds like you are finding the same with respect to AsteriskNOW and the FreePBX Distro. I think your only option is to manually reconfigure.

Perhaps Bulk DID/Extensions export and manual rebuild then just import DID’s and ext’s.

In these cases I open a tabbed browser, open all the config pages of concern and start putting them into the new ( fresh )
system. A backup of just system recordings is generally safe in these conditions. Or sftp in and grab recordings and use the system recordings page to upload to the new box.