Migrate FreePBX 15 to a new Server

dear community,

i have currently freepbx running on a virutal hosted provider in another country.
now i have installed with the current freepbx iso freepbx 15.

which steps i must do that i can deactivate old system, and use the same buyed modules?
if i do now the new activation then i must repay the modules. but i want delete the old machine (old provider).

how i have to handle this?

and how i can migrate data between old and new machine?

thank you so much

many greets

1.- run a full backup on current server
2.- deactivate the license on the current server
3.- activate new server
4.- run a restore on the new server using the backup file from step 1

I would highly recommend that on both old and new boxes all modules especially backup/restore are up to date… I might also suggest that the backup/restore module is from Edge.


Thank you so much. now i have created a backup from old machine, have disabled it.
but now on new machine i have after restore not my commercial modules there.
how i can get back this old activation on new system?

new system / old system.

on old system i see the licneses, but not on new one.

how i can migrate the license to new one? thank you

Thank you. I have disabled the old system and on activation from new system i has entered “existing deployment id”. so it has worked fine. thank you

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