Migrate existing to a new FreePBX installtion

Hi All,

Here is the situation. The company I work for is moving to a new office over the course of the 3 weeks. Of all of the given migration/move options, we have decided to setup a new FreePBX system in the new office. I gather that what I need to do is go through the “Reset Hardware Lock” process so that all of the commercial modules I have purchased get registered on the new installation.

My question is because there is a 2 week overlap where both systems will be online, if I actually click the “Reset Hardware Lock” button, what impact will this have on the current running/registered system?


I’d say you should create a ticket to discuss that with support, they might have a temporary key? Or maybe another solution.

Much Luck

Not sure I understand how you plan to do this. Unless you’re involving some kind of quantum telephone number (so that it can be in two places at the same time while still being in just one place), I’m pretty sure you will have one server as the master server and one as the subordinate, or some other similar ‘side-by-side’ arrangement. Trying to have two phone servers acting as a single entity is going to be FAR more challenging than cutting over from one to the other over the weekend and moving the phones.

There are strategies that could get you where you want to go, but (unless Sangoma is will to double license everything for you for the duration of your move), your commercial module setup is going to be “one or the other”.