Migrate AsteriskNOW toFreePBX distro


I have an AsteriskNOW based system running Asterisk with FreePBX I am lucky that I have duplicate hardware to perform testing on.

I am not trying to do a direct upgrade. The plan is to install the FreePBX distro on clean hardware and then migrate over as much as I can. Ideally I want to perform a backup of the production system and restore things like System Recordings, Extensions, Call Flow Control, IVR, etc. Is this realistic? In my non-programmer head I think the config files should be the same.

If anyone else has gone through this or there is a wiki anywhere please let me know!


You can only backup and restore between the same major FreePXB version such as 2.9 to 2.9.

Just backup, better yet, image, your system in AsteriskNOW (just in case), upgrade to FreePBX 2.10, backup again, download and install the “latest and greatest”, copy the old server’s backup to the new server, restore.