Migrate AsteriskGUI setup to FreepBX

Hello all I’ve managed to get my Asterisk setup working and have AsteriskGUI working. This is an initial setup towards a roll out of VOIP in a very small office.
I’ve downloaded FreepPBX and setup mySQL now I need to install FreePBX and then migrate over the extensions and other configuration to the FreePBX setup.
So how to do this or do I need to just re-enter everything into FreePBX.

I tried AsteriskNOW which comes with FreePBX but I couldn’t get my x-lite phones to connect so I just went with plain Asterisk then added on AsteriskGUI and now have got a outgoing trunk setup.

you re-enter everything, there is no migration ability between the two.

Thanks, I heard that if I rename my existing files extensions_custom.conf and sip_custom.conf that freepbx will pick those up and I won’t have to re-enter everything. Is that true?

Also on Debian I had the problem with amportal hanging on starting Asterisk. Doesn’t always do it though…strange. Got around that by hacking the freepbx_engine script to use /etc/init.d/asterisk instead of safe_asterisk. Which also solved the core dump issue when I stopped amportal.

A great product. though it looks like I may have to increase RAM on my machine now.

no you can’t just put them in an “_custom” file.

FreePBX is not simply ‘a GUI’ that configures up Asterisk.

FreePBX configures your entire system very differently. It creates users and devices very differently. It uses components that it installs differently. And so forth.

So you will have to re-configure your system, there is no easy conversion.