Midnight call blocks

For whatever reason we have people who call us on our toll-free number late at night, between ten PM and 4 AM. As I work at home, this is very annoying. Especially because when it first started I used to make the effort to get the calls. When answered, it is always a dead silence and no one ever responds.

Over the last 60 days, I have received a little over 300 calls during the late hours. During the first week or two this started I almost always answered. After that time, I have made the occasional effort to answer the calls, but for the most-part have turned the ringer down at night.

All the calls that come in during the late-hours come in WITHOUT a caller ID name. Over the last 60 days, all but one came in as blocked or unknown.

As my wife recently had a baby, I want to take steps to capture the calls and add them to my system blacklist. I don’t want to have late night rings potentially wake the baby. After 60 days of this, and not one valid call, I am comfortable with an auto-blacklist.

Currently I have a time-condition setup to redirect the toll-free line after hours calls to a terminate call function.

However, what I want to see If I can add them or filter them through the blacklist feature to “Block Unknown/Blocked Caller ID” but allow the others in. Is this possible? I just do not want to enable that feature for the other lines as I do get legitimate calls during the day that may be unknown.

We have setup a Ring group to let the call ring and then terminate the call because if it does get through the call leaves a 15min Voice mail costing us on Toll Free.

The Ring Group is set up and set to ring then terminate the call , but instead of terminating and hanging up it just re rings ?

Have you found a solution ?

And Congratulation on the New Baby :slight_smile:

Privacy Manager in inbound route.

Bill I turned on the Privacy Manager on the Inbound Toll Free DID
What does the Privacy Manager ? do

I have it set for the default

Max attempts: 3
Min Length: 10

If comes throught that inbound route, it requires the caller to enter a valid 10 digit CID.

The previou post should read.

If the CID of the caller comes in as blocked or unknown, it requires the caller to enter A 10 digit CID. This is helpful to block machine dialed stuff, of course a human dialer could enter a fake #.

Is it possible to turn on privacy manager only during a certain time?