Microsoft Teams SBC integration for FreePBX

I’m reopening a thread that has not been fully answered.

I’m looking for an integration for Microsoft Teams for FreePBX. I’m free to patch Asterisk and test everything you can provide, but I don’t want to buy anything from anyone different from Microsoft.

Do you have anything?

Gaetz you accept the challenge? :slight_smile:

Respectfully decline. I have nearly no MS knowledge and … something something … old dogs new tricks.

What a pity, you got me out of troubles many times.

Well if someone has some suggestions to follow I’m here to try to destroy some Asterisks.

Here’s an illustrated guide that includes patching Asterisk. Just s/IncrediblePBX/FreePBX/g and skip the step that calls a custom firewall script.

I’ve seen that guide but still don’t understand how to patch Asterisk.
What should I do?

I’m not sure if it’ll work on the distro, but it should work on a custom install.

Please share where you guys stuck.

I’m stuck at patching Asterisk.
I have a fully working FreePBX and I don’t understand where to put .patch file, I’ve created it and pasted “appendix 1” in /etc/asterisk/ and also /usr/src/, yum install patch, did patch -p1 < teams.patch and no output returned, but when I do ./configure or make && make install I receive “no such file or directory” for first and another error for the make command that I read online is because I have no makefile.

I’ve never installed Asterisk standalone nor patched it.

Are you using the Distro? I don’t think you can patch Asterisk on the FreePBX Distro as mentioned above. I’m not even sure if you can patch the Distro when in Developer Environment/Mode. (maybe @billsimon knows)

I think you will need a manual install.

Yes I’m using the official distro.

Yeah, I’m afraid that you’ll have to do a manual install.

I could manually install asterisk, as I read patch command should be issued to installation folder, but what would happen to FreePBX? I mean, if it has different folders something should means.

Referring to this: How to Install FreePBX 16 on Debian 11 with Asterisk 16 - FreePBX Documentation - Documentation or this Installing FreePBX 16 on Debian 10.9 - FreePBX OpenSource Project - Documentation

There’s the asterisk<ver>-devel package but this only installs the headers for building against asterisk libraries and does not provide the source.

I think if you’re using Distro for the sake of supportability and/or commercial modules you should not modify asterisk on it. Either do this with a roll-your-own FreePBX (Microsoft Teams SBC integration for FreePBX - #12 by PitzKey) or make a Teams gateway with Asterisk or some other solution and run it on a separate server.

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That’s a good advice, I can make a separate Asterisk and use it to connect both.

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