Messeages after upgrade

I just upgraded my FreePBX from 6.12.65-32 to 10.13.66-15. I get 2 messages on the dashboard.

“File /etc/dahdi/system.conf is not owned by asterisk” and “Default Asterisk Manager Password Used”

For the first one, I tried amportal chown, to no avail.
My PBX is well behind the corporate firewall, so I don’t care about the default password.

How do I get rid of those warnings?

Go to Advanced Settings and change the password like it says and use winscp and connect to the pbx and change the ownership to asterisk of etc/dahdi/system.conf

I don’t want to change the password. I’ve had to. And I just hate changing defaults. You never know what it can break. My PBX is well protected and unrreachable from the outside.

I don’t even have a system.comf in /etc/dahdi. And everything else in there is owned by asterisk.

just a guess, but if you run fwconsole chown doesn’t that setting the appropriate permissions/ownership?

No. Possibly because that file does not actually exist?

sorry didn’t realize you were on that version… it is in 13…

I am on 13. Message started to appear after I switched Asterisk from 11 to 13, and upgraded FreePBX from 6 to 10.

That looks like a bug in the way the file validation is done. You can remove that warning by just creating the file (touch /etc/dahdi/system.conf) and the next version of Dahdi Config will have that bug fixed.

It seems to have fixed it. Now to get rid of the default password message…

Change the password and that error wil go away.

Don’t want to, never had to. I’ve had too many bad experiences mucking around with defaults.