Message when an extension is in use and after 6 rings

I would like to be able to play a message when a call does not get picked up after a few rings (or time).
Or if 1 of the extensions is in use.

We have a small office with 3-4 ppl. When there is an incomming call and someone is busy the chances are high that it will not get picked up at once. At many times there will be only 1 or 2 at the office.
So i would like for a message to play when 1 of the extensions is in use to let ppl know they might have to wait longer.

The message after a few rings is something i can find, the extension in use condition i cannot find anything for.

Any advice or nudge in the right dirrection would be welcome.

Edit: Is Announcement the correct one for the message? i noticed it will stop ringing when playing back the message.

There are a ton of ways you can do this. My order or preference:

  1. Common voicemail box for all of the extensions. After 30 seconds, the call is dropped into voice mail and all of the phones are then marked as “email waiting”.

  2. A queue. This way, you can preface the call with an announcement, put a message in the data stream, and basically control the call flow. There are also a lot of other cool features in a queue that aren’t available in a ring group.

  3. Ring Group. Set up all of the phones in a RG and when the call is ‘dropped’, it ends up in VM. Make the “fail” time short (say 15 seconds) and tell people to pick up the phone with the first three rings or leave it alone. Combine this with 1. above and you have a solid, simple solution.

In the end just used the ring group as there is no simple way to create what i want exactly.
The only “annoying” part is that after 4-5 rings when the message plays it will stop ringing in the group and start again after the message finishes. Ideally i would like the message to play while the ring group is still ringing and you are able to pick it up.

Set up your main ring group with a long ring time and a special music on hold, which you craft to have some ringback tone, an announcement and more ringback tone. The phones will continue to ring throughout the process.

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