Message on the headset asking to indicate a number and based on the number insert freebox select the outgoing trunk

good morning,
is there the possibility that an extension, once the telephone number of an external recipient has been dialed, receives a message on the headset asking to indicate a number and based on the number insert freebox select the outgoing trunk?

for work I have to receive phone calls from inbound routes of different companies and with different numbers, when I then call back the customers I have to use the outgoing number that is the same as the incoming one
I was therefore thinking of the above solution.

You can prepend a unique prefix for each company and then setup an outbound route for each company with it’s prefix.

when I call typing the phone number your solution work well, but if I receive a call and I call back I wan’t able to add easily the necesary prefix.
Will be usable for me one of these 2 options:

  1. I make a call with the a number without prefix and freePBX ask me the numebr of the trunk
  2. modify the inbound number in the trunk and add the prefix to this number so I can call it easier (222+4072154397)

Maybe these 2 are already available, but I’m not able to configure it.

(1) is not good workflow.
(2) is easily done with the Set CallerID module

If you are answering on behalf of only 2 or 3 organizations, I recommend assigning 2 or 3 extensions to your phone, each on a separate line button. On incoming, which button is flashing will tell you how to answer. On outgoing, you push the proper line button before dialing. Calls returned from the device’s call history will (on most phones) automatically use the line the call came in on.

BTW, unless you are using multiple trunks for separate billing or other accounting purpose, I recommend using just one trunk and setting the outbound caller ID in the extension or outbound route.

I do not think it is possible with the callerid I have more numbers, more companies and more routes inbound

I cannot define in the caller id module a change on a cid number based on the trunk of the inbound did or inbound route,

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