Message from Park and Announce as Voicemail?


I am wondering if it is possible to move the message from a park and announce caller into the voice mailbox after the park timeout.

The situation is as follows. Park and announce is set up to run after business hours so that people can say their name and it will announce them to see if anyone wants to pick up. If no one is around or no one is around, then it transfers to VM. The problem is at that point it makes them record ANOTHER message. Also many people just leave the one message and then hang up not realized its not a voice mailbox.

Is there any way to just get their original message dropped into the VM or any other way to not have them to record a message twice?


No their is not a way to get that. You could open a feature request at for it to be considered and added at some point.

Thank Tony. Any suggested workaround for this?

No sorry their is not as the logic was never built to keep that info and use it somewhere like a voicemail. If its something you need quickly you can open a sales request at and request a quote to add the feature

instead of dropping them directly into voicemail, why don’t you use an announcement to say “Sorry, unfortunately no one wants to talk to you, you are being transferred to the general voicemail box. be sure to leave your name and an phone number …”

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That sounds like an idea.