Merging two FreePBX systems into one

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Hey all. Hope everyone is well. I haven’t found any information on this issue so here goes. We have recently merged with another company that has FreePBX 13. We also have FreePBX 13 but are in the process of upgrading to 15. In my sandbox I have successfully restored all the settings and data from 13 into the 15 sandbox (except for the commercial modules as I am still struggling on those). My ultimate goal is to merge their system into ours for one server for the whole company. Aside from fixing the duplicate extension numbers, is there an easy way to do this or am I suck doing it by hand? What about their commercial modules? Can I port those over too?
Thank you.

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Commercial modules are tied to a specific deployment ID. I do not think it is possible to merge two into one.

It is not automatic, but using bulk handler to export/import might help.

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As long as the commercial module is installed, even if not licensed, they should restore. You will not be able to use them. But the data will be there.

You can compare the database on the original system and the new system to see that.

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@comtech I have used the bulk export/import feature before to change all the Chan-PJSIPs to Chan-SIPs so I might be able to try that. @sorvani as for the commercial modules it was more the function of the modules that I wanted than the data. But what about the ones I presently have? Is there a way to “re-license” those into my new server or do I have to purchase them again? Thank you everyone.

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You can either purchase them again, or release the zend lock on your existing system and apply that ID on the new system.

If you want both working at the same time, you have to purchase them again.


If you create a ticket with sangoma technical support they can migrate the license over to the new deployment ID

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It is jsut as easy to reset the deployment ID as do that. Either wya, yo only have one workign system at a time with the method.

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