Hello All,

I have a question. I have installed freePBX with asterisk 11 (AsteriskNow 6.12 x64).

I can see that ‘menuselect’ is not available. I cannot install it via ‘make menuselect’…

I dont know limux that much and also learning Asterisk. Can anyone please help ? I guess/i feel that we can do the configs via otherways which are done in menuselect, but i still want to install. I am reading a book and i feel that i should go through learning this. Please help…

Best Regards,

Safiullah Tariq

AsteriskNow installs Asterisk via an RPM package and not via source as you are trying to do. If you are trying to install Asterisk via source, you need to ensure you have all the dependencies installed to build it. With that said you may want to take a look at