Menubar gone after latest update

Hello all,

After updating the FreePBX framework to the graphical menubar is gone. Luckaly the textual menubar and all the menus are still visable, but I really would like to graphic menubar back in place.

Can anyone explain what happened and how to repair?

Thanks in advance.

Did you clear the cache in your browser yet?

I’s no browser cache problem. I also tried another browser with same result.
While updating the status window reported ‘installing in /var/www/html’ The second installation was done, the menu toolbar disappeared, except for the text.
Rebooting the pbx did not fix it. I checked file permissions on /var/www/html. No problems there.

I think some stylesheet file is missing.

Check out this post

Run this command

amportal a r

Hello Alan,

amportal ar worked for me.
Thanks for your solution!


Happy to help.

I think this is a known issue and is fixed in version 2.11.