Memory leak in

I upgraded the Nerd Vittles Pbx in a flash to use the FreePBX and I seem to be having a couple of issues that I’m hoping someone has some ideas on.

1 - Physical memory usage seems to be going up by 2-4% per day typically, but up to 8-10% on other days, starting at 15% after a reboot and rising to 75+% after 1-2 weeks. This is a Dell R200 server with 44 Gigs (3.31 used). I just came back after being out sick for 6 days and the memory utilization had not increased since the last day I was here, and I realized that this seems to be related to me spending all day in the maintenace screens, or in FreePBX. Since I was the only one with access to the admin screens and the increase in memory utilization did not occur without me using these screens all day, then I’m probably the cause of the leak / increase.

Any thoughts?

2 - I seem to have lost the ability to use local conferences, but I’m not sure whether it was the switch from TrixBox to PBX in A flash, but at this point I have a number of DID’s assigned to local conferences, pls I have an inbound route defined for ‘Any DID’ to pick up our other DID numbers. It seems that callers to the DID’s assigned to the conferences are actually being routed to the ‘Any DID’ default handler. Is there a way to indicate that Any DID is the lowest prioirty to catch DID’s not assigned to other things?


Not sure if this is going to help you out not - I don’t have this problem on PiaF boxes - but did you do the update-scripts and update fixes?