Memory Hunt Call Length

Hi all! Just a quick query here.

We currently have a memory hunt group working and it’s all well and good. 5 seconds between each handset called. But once the hunt group reaches the last extension I want it to be able to go another 10 seconds after that. So instead of 5 sec <ext 2> 5 sec <ext 3> 5 sec I want it to be 5 5 10 sec.

I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t seem to find if this is actually doable. I’m probably right in saying it isn’t but figured I’d ask here anyway.

Any ideas?

Not tested, but try creating a Virtual Extension and listing that as a fourth entry after ext. 3.

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You can do mem hunt by listing ext twice or 3x but it messes up the rotation a little bit of calls. You could chain ring groups together but still wouldn’t mem hunt properly I dont think. Short of custom context coding those are the only two options.

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