MeetMe Rooms config is GONE - haven't applied config yet

Somehow while setting up a new user’s conference room, I managed to delete the MeetMe room entry under IVR. So now I have an “unnamed” IVR with the new users MeetMe room configured in it, but no “IVR MeetMe rooms” entry.

I haven’t applied the config yet, although I did hit submit to get to this point. I do not have the backup function configured. Is there any way to pull the current config that’s loaded into the editable … space?

Thanks for any help,


Other than the back button on your browser… no :frowning:

If you still don’t have pressed Apply changes you can open up /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf and look for the section ext-meetme. There you can see your pin numbers and other settings so that you can recreate your MeetMe.