Meetme no longer functioning after upgrading to 2.8 (app_meetme.c: Unable to open pseudo device)

I’m no longer able to use my Conferences. When dialing into the Meetme Extensions, the ones without passwords will hangup immediately. The ones with passwords will hangup after entering the passwords. Looking at the logs I get the following error message in the logs.

[Nov 1 00:20:48] WARNING[7153] app_meetme.c: Unable to open pseudo device

I have tried to force the re-installation of the Conference module. The issue appeared only after upgrading to 2.8

DAHDi Config2.7.0
Digium Addons2.7.0
Feature Code Admin2.8.0.0
FreePBX ARI Framework2.8.0.5
FreePBX FOP Framework2.8.0.6
FreePBX Framework2.8.0.3Free
FreePBX Localization Updates2.8.0.1
System Dashboard2.8.0.3
Ring Groups2.8.0.2
Info Services2.8.0.0
Misc Applications2.8.0.0
Misc Destinations2.8.0.0
Music on Hold2.8.0.2
Asrerisk Logfiles
Asterisk API2.8.0.0
Asterisk CLI2.8.0.0
Asterisk IAX Settings2.7.0.2
Asterisk Info2.8.0.2
Asterisk SIP Settings2.8.0.0
Backup & Restore2.8.0.7
Custom Applications2.8.0.0
Java SSH2.8.0.1
PHP Info2.8.0.0
PHPAGI Config2.8.0.0
Route Congestion Messages2.8.0.0

Check that dahdi is started.