Meetme mute listeners


I have freepbx running with trixbox solely for telephone conferencing. I would like to have users listen only to the audio feed provided by the administrator. This is a live feed provided over the phone for listeners who call in. I would like Meetme to be defaulted to mute all listeners except the administrator. Right now we are having the listeners press *1 to mute their lines. Some Listeners do not do this, even when prompted, causing echo and noise over the feed.
How do I set up Meetme Config to have all listeners muted except the Administrator? Or, is there a way to alter the config file to give the administrator a *(number) command to mute all other lines from his Phone?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you and good day!


Greetings to all!

Newbie to freepbx and Trixbox but have an up and running system in VMware.

Hope for future interesting discussions!!