MeetMe Help

This might sound like an odd question being that I’m on the FreePBX forums, but I’m running out of options :-/

I’m currently running Trixbox CE (I know, old) and need to make it so that when I call x1000 (for example) it prompts to enter a conference ID. I have setup a conference on extension 1000 in the conference web gui, and added a bunch of conference rooms to the meetme.conf, but when I dial extension 1000 it enters a single conference room without prompting for a conference ID.

I’ve been working on this for far too long and I would really appreciate the help.

And I know I need to upgrade, to the latest FreePBX distro perhaps, but I have specific direction to get our current Trixbox disto up and running with this particular feature.

Long story short, we had a configuration like this up and running, but a failed HDD and no backups lead to a late night rebuild.

Again, I really appreciate the help.

Time for another rebuild I think :slight_smile: This time use a supported FreePBX perhaps.

(specific direction will cause you pain, reject them strongly)

I will tell you it has nothing to do with trixbox or FreePBX. The custom script has to be written in Asterisk extension language.

If you reinstalled trixbox from scratch that was a horrible decision. You didn’t even commit to using FreePBX, you guarded with a “perhaps”.

You have to realize that the scars from trixbox run deep. I used to be very active many years ago before FreePBX put out a distro. trixbox choose to fork the project, told the community they had to do it to “improve” the ecosystem. Then they abandoned the users and the entire project leaving everyone with a bad taste.

Thank you for the prompt reply.
Your right, it was shortsighted of me to go along with the Trixbox rebuild. please keep in mind that I’ve never actually setup a PBX before. Our phone guy quit abruptly and I drew the lucky number. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the learning experience, just would have liked more time :slight_smile:
I’ll be setting up a FreePBX tomorrow afternoon, my newfound PBX knowledge should transfer to the platform.
I recall MeetMe saying that if a conference number is omitted from the configuration that it will prompt the user for one. is this the same with FreePBX? if so, how does one omit an extension?
thank you