MeetMe / Conferences - Single extension, multiple conferences?

Is there a way to make the Conferences application in FreePBX work like a conference center, in other words dial into an extension, be asked for the conference ID, then the conference password? If not, is there either in the plans, or is there an external application, (such as WebMeetMe), that plays well with FreePBX?

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I’ve been reviewing web-meetme which works this way. FreePBX is setup for static conference rooms. Web-Meetme allows conferences with dynamic room numbers to be scheduled. If you have both FreePBX and webmeet setup on the same system you can run into conflicts if overlapping conference rooms are setup. I have had to make a few modifications to web-meetme to make it all play ‘properly’ with FreePBX but it has been minor. I’ve been toying with how it might be more closely integrated and in such a way that it plays well with FreePBX static conference rooms as well.

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