Meetme - Conference issue

I have the same issue using Ubuntu 9.04, asterisk 1.4, and FreePBX 2.5.2 the current Elastix distro, and the Asterisk Now with FreePBX current distro (downloaded and installed all three in the past 2 weeks from this post). Everything works great and as a UI that I can provide our staff it is great. However, when I set up conference rooms with a pin number in the web GUI it prompts for the pin and then as soon as she is done asking for the pin it plays the rejection. There is no pause for the user to enter the conference room pin.

This is how FreePBX is generating the conference room in the extentions_additional.conf

include => ext-meetme-custom
exten => STARTMEETME,n,Hangup
exten => h,1,Hangup
exten => 1000,1,Macro(user-callerid,)
exten => 1000,n,Set(MEETME_ROOMNUM=1000)
exten => 1000,n,GotoIf($["${DIALSTATUS}" = “ANSWER”]?READPIN)
exten => 1000,n,Answer
exten => 1000,n,Wait(1)
exten => 1000,n,Set(PINCOUNT=0)
exten => 1000,n(READPIN),Read(PIN,enter-conf-pin-number,)
exten => 1000,n,GotoIf($[x${PIN} = x0000]?USER)
exten => 1000,n,Set(PINCOUNT=$[${PINCOUNT}+1])
exten => 1000,n,GotoIf($[${PINCOUNT}>3]?h)
exten => 1000,n,Playback(conf-invalidpin)
exten => 1000,n,Goto(READPIN)
exten => 1000,n(USER),Set(MEETME_OPTS=q)
exten => 1000,n,Playback(custom/announcement)
exten => 1000,n,Goto(STARTMEETME,1)
exten => 1000,hint,MeetMe:1000

; end of [ext-meetme]

The problem line is:
exten => 1000,n(READPIN),Read(PIN,enter-conf-pin-number,)

When I manually edit this line and add a 4 after the last comma like so:
exten => 1000,n(READPIN),Read(PIN,enter-conf-pin-number,4)

and then do an amportal restart I receive the expected pause and can enter a 4 digit pin with plenty of time and can enter the conference. However, I know you aren’t supposed to edit this file and every time you do a reload, as expected, I lose this modified configuration.

First, does anyone else have this issue? This seems to be a bug. I did try to upgrade to 2.6 once, but it seemed to replicate the same issue so haven’t since tried this.

Second, what would be the best way to modify this to work so that if I make a change in the GUI my edit isn’t changed. I would really hate to lose the function of the web GUI to add/edit/change conference rooms, but at the same time I can’t have it behaving like this.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Having the same issue

freepbx 2.7.0
asterisk 1.6.2

I sorted out my issue. It was a VMware version issue and I was getting timing correct between my host machine and virtual machine. The fix for me was easy, a vmware upgrade. We were using vmware server 2.0.1 and upgraded to 2.0.2 and poof, problem gone. For further note, I didn’t seem to experience this issue with vmware server 2.0.0 either.

Figured it out
in line:

the file “enter-conf-pin-number” was missing